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it was a lonely moment in the bobblehead

Combo Watercolor x DotWork
Art by W. Albuquerque (@chilligrr)


Combo Watercolor x DotWork

Art by W. Albuquerque (@chilligrr)


walt + sneaking up on people

Harry Potter + earth

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O R P H A N   B L A C K   →   13/100 films & series

Fine  she wants in? We’re clones! We’re someone’s experiment and they’re killing us off.

a brief summary of breaking bad

Reblog with info about your Warden and Hawke that you plan to import into Inquisition through the Keep


First Name: Rian
Race: elf
Sex: male
Origin: Dalish
Class: mage
Romance: Morrigan
3 Personality Traits: eager, self-assured, forgiving


First Name: Logan
Sex: female
Class: warrior
Romance: I don’t think anyone…. woops
3 Personality Traits: loyal, brave, intuitive

Title: Michigan Left
Artist: Sean and Tyra!!!!
Played: 384 times


my friend sean and I did a cool cover of michigan left by the arkells while sitting in a tiny park in toronto :-)


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Daniel Radcliffe » ‘What If’ promo tour


Gosia, Evening Glow, polymer clay & gypsum, 12 x 8.5 x 8”, wall mounted, 2013, images posted with permission of the artist. 

Gosia website  |  Behance


The time has finally come for the channel’s launch! I’ll be starting out with one of the recurring tuesday features- A one-off video of a smaller game. This is a game called Don’t Escape, and you can find out more information as well as content warnings at the video.

For a bit of introduction, Cicada King is a let’s play channel that is devoted to being funny without using stereotypes, making fun of traumatic experiences, or otherwise throwing marginalized people under the bus. Every video has a set of warnings in the description and games with excessive triggering content or unsavoury themes will be avoided.

I would really appreciate it if you could watch this video, maybe even like and subscribe, and definitely reblog this. 

I hope you enjoy what you see!

Blood , Meth , & Tears


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